• Anh Nguyen Tran Hoang

    on February 18, 2016

    I didn't know Vinh until my husband & I planned the summer trip in France, I wanted to have a nice album about the France's summer to memorize the time we are together and I started to search the photographer that could help us. Luckily, I found Iris Studio and have chance to talk comfortably with him via email. He is very nice, humorous, punctual, easy-going, enthusiastic in work, willing to work under the heat of the summer with his partner they create the great team. After shooting, it was a bit long to wait for the retouch but all are compensated, he sent to me a very nice box with USB key which has all the original & retouch files plus the small retro printed photos. I love it! Now, we are friends and keep the good relationship with each other. I feel lucky to meet him and have 1 more friend in France who I can discuss many topics in life besides photography.

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